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NaNoWriMo time again

Once again I have decided to do NaNoWriMo again as I was successful last year.

I am hoping to be successful again this year. I have a title – ‘Obligation’ and a synopsis:
Lady Camilla Morris is the sister of an Earl and thus well aware of the restrictions placed upon her by society in terms of love and marriage. She is resigned to her fate and must soon make suitable match. It seems the matter is solved when an old childhood friend, Nicholas Farleigh, Lord Treswick renews his acquaintance along with his matchmaking sister, Augusta. However, she will not submit quietly and is determined to find her own way. A deepening friendship with shy tutor George Blair may be her alternative. Will the desires of her heart triumph over her sense of duty?’

I’d also hoped to have a serviceable outline by now. Unfortunately, procrastination strikes. This is a common problem hence the lack of updates to this blog. The internet is a cruel, cruel master.

Today it’s been the Gaelic lyrics of Runrig. I may not have an outline but I have memorised this – ‘Seinn, seinn, seinn. Oran ur, oran an uir.’

Time will tell whether I actually remember what it means.


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